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The Art of Sending Thank You Cards

You may be familiar with sending thank you notes after receiving a gift – but what about after receiving a business opportunity? Take cards from the personal space into the business space to show your prospects how much you respect their time. While a verbal “thank you” is nice […]

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Nurture Leads and Enhance Communication with Newsletters

If you’re not already in the habit of sending a regular newsletter, it’s time to get the ball rolling! More and more, prospects care not just about the products they buy, but the brands behind them. Print Tech’s very own in-house newsletter, Print Tech Advisor, has served as an […]

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Diversify Marketing by Combining Traditional and Digital

As online advertising becomes easier to understand and afford, many companies are leaning into these platforms for their marketing efforts. However, businesses that combine digital and traditional forms of advertising often get the best results. Hit prospects on different channels to ensure they remember your name over […]

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