Content Marketing

What is a better way to engage with your customers and interest your prospects than by providing valuable content?

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of content in order to attract, acquire and engage customers. Content marketing subscribes to the notion that delivering information to prospects and customers drives profitable consumer action.

There are lots of examples where a business can provide this content at a time of need for a customer:

  • A family discovers a bee’s nest on their patio. The dad searches Google for how to best solve this problem. He finds an article by an exterminator that identifies the issue and recommends low-cost solutions. The family is happy about solving their problem and feels good about the exterminator who provided the valuable information.
  • Here is a business example from SnapRetail.

At SnapRetail, the customers are local retailers, many of whom know little about digital marketing and social media. These retailers

30 Days to Amazing Marketing

SnapRetail built trust in its brand in part with content marketing programs like this one.

recognize they need to improve the way they connect with their customers, but are intimidated by the various social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). So we put together an easy-to-use, 30 day free course called 30 Days to Amazing Marketing.

The results were amazing for SnapRetail: hundreds signed up for the program, many of whom signed up for a subscription after feeling more comfortable with digital marketing and its benefits.

Aptus Digital is a big believer in how content marketing can help businesses connected with their customers. We show you how to create your own program.

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