E-Commerce transactions are booming.  Business-to-Consumer (B2C) online sales in the United States hit 13% of total retail sales in 2017 (that’s $453 billion)  2017 was the fastest growth since 2011. And Business-to-Business (B2B) sales are even more developed.

What are you doing to drive your online business? Are you positioning your business to sell in this new era?

Jeremy Hirsch has deep experience in defining strategy and leading efforts to maximize leads, conversions and sales.

  • Jeremy and a small team built the leading multi-line wholesale website in the gift and home accents markets. We took the online B2B sales to over $10 million in a few years.
  • Jeremy managed Genco’s B2B and B2C websites plus Amazon and eBay channels (Genco became part of FedEx in 2016). The annual online sales were 8 figures.
  • Jeremy helped define and rollout the original version of this B2C gift website.
  • Jeremy recently led online efforts to grow conversions and sales with a leading packaging company.

Aptus Digital employs a number of best practices to drive traffic to a site. Once the customers are on the site, there are a number of techniques to maximize the likelihood of checkout or a return at a later date.

Aptus Digital can help your business put together a strong plan for your E-Commerce strategy.