Print and Digital — Not an Either/Or Tool

Print and digital marketing are not in competition Print and digital are not in opposition to one another; rather they complement and strengthen each other. Print drives website traffic, increases brand awareness and offers an enhanced interactive experience. Digital offers instant communication convenience and can reinforce a […]

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Making Direct Mail Stand Out

  Reprinted from Ricoh Business Booster. With the millions of emails sent every day, it’s almost impossible to stand out in a consumer’s inbox. Marketers that want to draw attention to a product or service, are taking a step back from the digital noise and investing time […]

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The Power of Videos for Sales and Marketing

  Introduction Videos are everywhere! During 2021, YouTube alone reported that over a billion hours of content is watched on its platform every day. The use of videos is also becoming increasingly prominent in the business world. With the increased production of videos, standards for production quality […]

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