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Print and Digital — Not an Either/Or Tool

Print and digital marketing are not in competition Print and digital are not in opposition to one another; rather they complement and strengthen each other. Print drives website traffic, increases brand awareness and offers an enhanced interactive experience. Digital offers instant communication convenience and can reinforce a […]

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Linkedin Enables Admins to Invite Connections to Follow Business Page

Marketers have long sought to grow their Business Page’s Follower base to ensure their messaging is reaching their audience (customers, prospects and others). Building this Follower base can be a time-consuming task. LinkedIn has introduced Company Page Invites for all Business Pages with under 100k Followers. This function is […]

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How Print Can Stand Out in a Digital World

As time goes on, more people have chosen to gather their information from online resources rather than printed materials. You might be compelled to believe that this means print is not as important, but this is not the case. As marketers we debate if digital media is […]

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