Marketing is exploding with new ways to identify, connect with and convert your prospects.

First you start by defining your audience with Target Marketing. Then you leverage the new digital vehicles such as email marketing, social media, search marketing, mobile, video. All of these digital tools offer measurable and cost effective results.

Are you taking advantage of what these programs offer you?

Aptus Digital can make it easy and cost effective for you to set up these programs.

There is a whole menu of items to consider:

  • Target Marketing  We are moving away from the world of “interruption marketing.” You should ask: am I sending my messages to everyone in my database or just to those who expressed interest? You can double your metrics (opens, clicks) by better targeting your messages. We show you how.
  • Email Marketing  Your “house” email list is your most cost-effective marketing you can do. Are you maximizing this vehicle?
  • Social Media Facebook now has over 2 billion monthly active users. Should your brand be on Facebook? And what about Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest? What should be your strategy?
  • Content Marketing The best way to connect with your customers and prospects is by providing insightful content that is valuable to your customers. This is a great way to build your brand with your customers. Do you have a content marketing program yet?
  • Video There are over 1.3 billion unique users who visit YouTube each month. YouTube’s search engine is 2nd only to Google’s. Does your brand have a presence on Youtube? It should. We can help you.
  • E-Commerce  Your customers may prefer to buy on a website versus from a store or sales rep.  Give them choice. Your competitors likely will.
  • Product Management  Bringing products to market can be challenging. We’ll help you with the key questions and the right processes.
  • Search Marketing  Bad news: it is more competitive than ever to be found by prospects. Good news: search marketing opens many doors to prospects for marketers. We help you get going with a positive-ROI program.

Aptus Digital makes it easy for you to employ these marketing techniques to more easily connect with your customers and prospects.