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The Art of Sending Thank You Cards

You may be famil­iar with send­ing thank you notes after receiv­ing a gift – but what about after receiv­ing a busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ty? Take cards from the per­son­al space into the busi­ness space to show your prospects how much you respect their time. While a ver­bal “thank you” is nice […]

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What’s Harder: Connecting with a VP of Marketing or Hitting a Hole-in-One?

Engag­ing with prospects can be a chal­lenge for many B2B com­pa­nies who are pitch­ing their prod­ucts to busy, senior-lev­­el exec­u­tives. Con­sid­er: Few exec­u­tives answer their office phones Emails are often ignored or delet­ed Many build­ings are secure so drop-by’s are dif­fi­cult LinkedIn’s Inmail ser­vice can improve response […]

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