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Need a Logo Refresh? Design for Today, Not Yesterday

When you see the logo of well-known brands like Starbucks, Target, and UPS, you instantly recognize the company and what that company is all about. That’s the power of a great logo. But no matter how well designed, logos need an update now and then. Color trends […]

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Best Practices for Printed Signage

Whether you are designing store signage, banners for trade shows, or yard signs, it is important to make sure you apply best practices to your design and materials. With signage, most importantly you need to win the attention of passersby quickly and convey your message concisely. Follow […]

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Using Color to Catch the Eyes of Consumers

A well thought out color scheme may have more power over consumers than you think! With new technology, businesses of any size now have the ability to apply vibrant palettes and design techniques to their marketing materials. Discover why playing up certain shades and tones may be […]

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