Using Color to Catch the Eyes of Consumers

A well thought out color scheme may have more power over consumers than you think! With new technology, businesses of any size now have the ability to apply vibrant palettes and design techniques to their marketing materials. Discover why playing up certain shades and tones may be advantageous for your company’s incoming sales.

Color Psychology in Action

For years, marketers have relied on color psychology to create logos, promotional graphics, and storefronts that evoke their desired effect. Set time aside to learn the emotional reactions consumers have to specific colors in order to leverage sales. Don’t know where to start? Try yellow for optimism and warmth, blue for strength and trust, or green for growth and peace. When designing new collateral, carefully consider the feeling you’d like to elicit from viewers, as they’ll come to associate this sentiment with your company in general. While it’s impossible to understand every customer’s intent, appealing to emotions through color theory is a strong place to start!

Keep Your Mailer Out of the Junk Pile

If your marketing material blends in with the bunch, customers may discard your work before giving it a second glance. Junk mail tends to look rather bland. Avoid following suit by thinking outside of the box during the planning phase. Create an intriguing envelope or a postcard design that pops out from the pile! Try using colored paper, bright white text, and personalizing your mail pieces to jazz up run-of-the-mill mail.

Make Your Brand Memorable

Apply your brand colors as creatively as possible when designing collateral. This may mean adding another hue to your color scheme or creating a new logo or graphic to coordinate with your palette. Execute techniques that will stick out in the minds of consumers, making them more likely to remember and purchase your product. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action along with a cohesive logo and design – consistency is key!

Knowing the powerful impact color can have on buying behavior, give a little extra thought to your next design project.  Consider the emotion you hope to provoke, and utilize corresponding colors in ways that grab audience attention.

Reprinted from the Print Tech blog.

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