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8 Simple and Effective Ways to Boost Response Rates with Personalization

Reprinted from Brand United. Too often, marketers will design their marketing campaigns — whether online or by direct mail — and cross their fingers that in time, response rates will go up. There’s no need to cross your fingers anymore. Marketers can count on response rates going up […]

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Nurture Leads and Enhance Communication with Newsletters

If you’re not already in the habit of sending a regular newsletter, it’s time to get the ball rolling! More and more, prospects care not just about the products they buy, but the brands behind them. Print Tech’s very own in-house newsletter, Print Tech Advisor, has served as an […]

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Email Marketing Is Dead; Long Live Email Marketing

I’ve long exclaimed the powerful and cost effective features of email marketing – particularly for B2B messaging. Here is a post from a few years ago. Yet, email marketing has been proclaimed by pundits as “old school” and “bound to quickly recede.” However, recent reports suggest that email […]

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