My Favorite Blogs, Podcasts and Articles

I recently compiled a list of favorite blogs, podcasts and articles for a client. I thought I’d share the list.


Blog Name Topic Great general digital marketing blog Valuable social media posts Best email marketing blog Leader in Facebook Famous blog by well known marketing author SEO Search marketing

I recommend you “follow” these blogs on Twitter so you get a tweet when there are new blog posts.


Podcast Names Topic
Social Media Marketing podcast Great interviews and tips on social media
Amy Porterfield podcast Particularly good for Facebook
Mobile mixed podcast Strongest mobile podcast
Duct Tape Marketing Smart marketing insights
Freakonomics Fun, quirky podcast
Six Degrees of Separation Weekly podcasts with strong guests

I listen to all of my podcasts on Stitcher, a free app that connects the user with updated podcasts . It is very user-friendly.

Valuable Articles

Topic URL
Google Analytics
Learning about SEO
Permission Marketing
Responsive Design httpss://
Great FB posts

Got any favorites? Please post yours to this post.

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