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The Power of Videos for Sales and Marketing

  Introduction Videos are everywhere! During 2021, YouTube alone reported that over a billion hours of content is watched on its platform every day. The use of videos is also becoming increasingly prominent in the business world. With the increased production of videos, standards for production quality […]

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Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2019

As we start off the new year, it is important to look toward the future and think about what marking tactics are going to be big. Remember to mix digital marketing strategies with traditional marketing strategies to reach your target audience wherever they are. Implementing these top […]

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King Content and the Importance of Storytelling

The phrase “content is king” has ruled the marketing world for decades. While the statement may seem like a simple notion, many institutions make the mistake of creating content in quantity rather than in quality. Yes, frequent and consistent marketing is an important part of brand awareness. But the […]

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