Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2019

As we start off the new year, it is important to look toward the future and think about what marking tactics are going to be big. Remember to mix digital marketing strategies with traditional marketing strategies to reach your target audience wherever they are. Implementing these top 5 marketing trends in 2019 is a great way to stay ahead of the competition.

AI Takes Over

Robots taking over the world has long been a part of science fiction, but more and more artificial intelligence is becoming a part of our everyday reality. According to a MIT global survey, 9 out of 10 companies already use AI to improve their customer journeys. Whether its chatbots, AI-enhanced PPC advertising, or push notifications, there are lots of ways that companies have already incorporated artificial intelligence into their marketing plans. AI is a great way to enhance personalization and improve your customer’s experience.

Video is King

Going into 2019 video remains the king of content. Videos are more visually interesting than images and grab our ever-shrinking attention spans.  70% of consumers say they have personally shared a brand’s video. They are a great way to showcase products or experiences. Videos are also a great way to give the consumer a holistic view of what you have to offer. In 2019 we will see a huge rise in the vertical video. The rise of mobile increases the need for mobile friendly videos. Filming for vertical videos increases your chances of people watching them on their mobile devices, as well as makes them easily shareable on social platforms.

Consider Gen Z

Suddenly, marketers had to rush to understand millennials. It is important to try and avoid the same oversite when it comes to Gen Z. Generation Z is roughly defined as those born between the mid 90’s and early 2000’s, meaning that the oldest of them are around 22, and just entering the workforce. Their purchasing power is growing. Because of this, 2019 is a good year to spend some time understanding this generation, as well as planning how you are going to capture them as customers. Check out our blog on Effective University Marketing Plans for tips to reach this demographic.

Influencers Aren’t Who You Think They Are

Influencers are no longer just celebrities or people with thousands of followers. 2018 saw a rise of the micro-influencer and that will continue into 2019. We are now in an age where consumers expect transparency and honesty from the brands they support. They look to people that they trust to vouch for items that they believe in. The micro-influencers are great partners for brands who want to take word of mouth marketing to a whole new level.

Focus On Personalization

Personalization is something consumers have come to expect. From Netflix to Amazon we assume companies are going to guess what we want before we even know that we want it. Technology has made huge strides in making personalization easier. Consumers want to feel a connection to a brand and taking the extra effort to add personal detail goes a long way. Adding names or personal touches to things like direct mail are a great way to increase your interaction rate.

Keep in mind these 2019 trends when you are executing your marketing plan this year. When you are ready for all your supporting collateral and printed materials give us a call at Print Tech to create stunning visuals for your brand.

Republished from the Print Tech blog.

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