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Embrace the Drips!

What is a DRIP mar­ket­ing cam­paign? Should I be DRIPPING? The image of a drip­ping sink can be unpleas­ant- drip, drip, drip. Most home­own­ers aim to stop the drip as soon as they can hire a plumber. But Mar­keters often embrace drips – drip mar­ket­ing cam­paigns that […]

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Marketing Lessons Learned at Universal Studios

Over President’s Day week­end, my wife and I decid­ed it was time to have some fun in the warmth and sun­shine of Flori­da, so we made plans to take our two kids to Orlan­do. But which park? Sure, Dis­ney was the safe bet. But we all had […]

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3 Tips for Maximizing Post-Show Sales

Shows are wind­ing down, and we are now arriv­ing back at our offices with (hope­ful­ly) stacks of orders and leads. The ques­tion we need to ask is: what should we be doing to keep sales momen­tum going from the shows? As the VP of Mar­ket­ing  for 9 years for […]

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