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Embrace the Drips!

What is a DRIP marketing campaign? Should I be DRIPPING? The image of a dripping sink can be unpleasant- drip, drip, drip. Most homeowners aim to stop the drip as soon as they can hire a plumber. But Marketers often embrace drips – drip marketing campaigns that […]

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13 Marketing Resolutions for 2013

In honor of 2013, I am sharing 13 resolutions that I plan to employ to improve my marketing for the upcoming year.   1. Connect more with customers My goal is to have more two-way conversations with my customers and prospects rather than the typical one-way messaging. […]

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Two Customer-Focused Business Systems You Need

As marketing becomes more data-intensive and automated, you’ll want to invest in Business Systems that will enable you to better prospect, convert and service your customers. You’ll want to start with these two systems. The first one is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in which you […]

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