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Email Marketing Is Dead; Long Live Email Marketing

I’ve long exclaimed the powerful and cost effective features of email marketing – particularly for B2B messaging. Here is a post from a few years ago. Yet, email marketing has been proclaimed by pundits as “old school” and “bound to quickly recede.” However, recent reports suggest that email […]

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Marketing Is Rapidly Changing. Are You Adjusting Your Methods Fast Enough?

Marketing at its core is connecting with your customers and prospects. The traditional way of marketing focused on sales and included cold calls, TV spots, tradeshows and print ads. The business centered messages on the company and its products. But let’s face it – those interruption-focused approaches […]

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Mobile Usage Flourishes; Make Sure You Are Covered

The days of the ‘surfing the web’ primarily on one’s desktop are quickly fading. A few years ago most of us would browse websites and check our email on our PCs- whether at home or at the office. Why? We got better experiences on the larger screens; […]

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