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Gmail Adds Filters; How This Will Affect You as a Marketer

Email mar­ket­ing like­ly plays a role in your mar­ket­ing. It con­tin­ues to be high­ly effec­tive in terms of its reach and low cost. Google has made a major change with the way it presents mail to its 425 mil­lion Gmail accounts. The new approach fea­tures Gmail Tabs […]

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When should I send my email campaigns?

One of the most fre­quent ques­tions I am asked is when is the best time to send my email cam­paigns. It is an impor­tant ques­tion as a campaign’s suc­cess (mea­sured by key met­rics like opens, clicks, con­ver­sions) will vary based on when you send the cam­paign. Quite […]

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