My Podcast Playlist

We live in the world of DVRs. We love to consume our shows on-demand  (and without commercials  of course).

The same is true with audio programs. I rarely listen to live radio; rather I listen to prerecorded shows that are of interest. And podcasts meet that requirement.

I listen to a series of shows on topics that range from national news, investing, sports, entertainment to marketing, social media and local news.

Here is my podcast playlist and some of my favorite recent podcasts.

Note: I listen to most podcasts from the free iPhone app called Stitcher. It makes it easy to organize and stay updated. Check out this article about Stitcher in the WSJ.

Podcast Playlist

Podcast playlist in Stitcher

Topic: Social Media 

Podcast: Social Media Examiner (weekly)

Sample show:


Topic: Business

Podcast: MarketPlaceSample podcast (5 nights per week):

Sample podcast:


Topic: Investing

Podcast: Motley Fool Money (weekly)

Sample podcast (Nate Silver):


Topic: Freaky Oddities of Life

Podcast: Freakonomics Radio (every two weeks)

Sample podcast:


Topic: Sports

Podcast: B.S. Report – Bill Simmons (twice per week)

Sample podcast (Malcolm Gladwell joins Bill):


Topic: Digital Marketing

Podcast: Six Pixels of Separation

Sample podcast:


Topic: Entertainment

Podcast: Here’s the Thing (Alex Baldwin)

Sample show (Alec interviews David Brooks):



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  1. We sure do live in an on-demand world, that’s for sure. It’s been years since we had a newspaper delivered, and I’ve seriously considered dropping my cable TV subscription completely. I think my weekly TV viewing is under 10 hours at this point, and a lot of that comes all at once and on Sundays. Like you, I’m also a big fan of podcasts. Freakonomics Radio and Marketplace are also on my list. Two New Yorker Magazine podcasts, Weekly Comment and Political Scene, as well as NPR’s It’s All Politics and Public Radio International’s This American Life rank among my other favorites. And now thanks to your post, I’ve added Social Media Examiner to my iTunes subscription.