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We live in the world of DVRs. We love to con­sume our shows on-demand  (and with­out com­mer­cials  of course).

The same is true with audio pro­grams. I rarely lis­ten to live radio; rather I lis­ten to pre­re­cord­ed shows that are of inter­est. And pod­casts meet that require­ment.

I lis­ten to a series of shows on top­ics that range from nation­al news, invest­ing, sports, enter­tain­ment to mar­ket­ing, social media and local news.

Here is my pod­cast playlist and some of my favorite recent pod­casts.

Note: I lis­ten to most pod­casts from the free iPhone app called Stitch­er. It makes it easy to orga­nize and stay updat­ed. Check out this arti­cle about Stitch­er in the WSJ.

Podcast Playlist

Pod­cast playlist in Stitch­er

Top­ic: Social Media 

Pod­cast: Social Media Exam­in­er (week­ly)

Sam­ple show:


Top­ic: Busi­ness

Pod­cast: Mar­ket­Place­Sam­ple pod­cast (5 nights per week):

Sam­ple pod­cast:


Top­ic: Invest­ing

Pod­cast: Mot­ley Fool Mon­ey (week­ly)

Sam­ple pod­cast (Nate Sil­ver):–23-2012


Top­ic: Freaky Odd­i­ties of Life

Pod­cast: Freako­nom­ics Radio (every two weeks)

Sam­ple pod­cast:


Top­ic: Sports

Pod­cast: B.S. Report — Bill Sim­mons (twice per week)

Sam­ple pod­cast (Mal­colm Glad­well joins Bill):


Top­ic: Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing

Pod­cast: Six Pix­els of Sep­a­ra­tion

Sam­ple pod­cast:


Top­ic: Enter­tain­ment

Pod­cast: Here’s the Thing (Alex Bald­win)

Sam­ple show (Alec inter­views David Brooks):



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  1. We sure do live in an on-demand world, that’s for sure. It’s been years since we had a news­pa­per deliv­ered, and I’ve seri­ous­ly con­sid­ered drop­ping my cable TV sub­scrip­tion com­plete­ly. I think my week­ly TV view­ing is under 10 hours at this point, and a lot of that comes all at once and on Sun­days. Like you, I’m also a big fan of pod­casts. Freako­nom­ics Radio and Mar­ket­place are also on my list. Two New York­er Mag­a­zine pod­casts, Week­ly Com­ment and Polit­i­cal Scene, as well as NPR’s It’s All Pol­i­tics and Pub­lic Radio Inter­na­tion­al’s This Amer­i­can Life rank among my oth­er favorites. And now thanks to your post, I’ve added Social Media Exam­in­er to my iTunes sub­scrip­tion.

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