Digital Marketing Drives US Ad Growth

U.S. advertising spending is expected to grow a healthy 4.9% in 2012.*

Now, much of that increase is driven by special events such as the Olympics and the nation elections. Hey, we’ll take it.

So how are marketers spending that $166 billion this year? And how will they spend their budgets over the following 4 years? Let’s take a look with some numbers from eMarketer.

digital marketing growth

TV still reigns with the largest amount of ad spend. I am a big believer in people’s enjoyment of the “video” format. And given the broadcaster’s creativity and the large reach, TV will hold steady through 2016.

The big growth, of course, is digital marketing which includes search, video, email, etc. But, within digital marketing, the big driver over the coming years is mobile. You can see it becomes 5% of the total ad spend by 2015 (over $8 billion). 

Why is digital marketing picking up so much steam? Digital marketing is viewed as being more measurable than traditional media, and marketers like the results. They also like how digital media can support traditional media like TV in terms of user engagement.

So, as a marketer, you’ll want to continue to watch the development of digital marketing innovations- particularly with mobile.

*eMarketer, Sept 27, 2012.

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