Gift and Home Industry

Are you a gift/home vendor or sales agency looking to generate leads and grow sales?

Aptus Digital provides the guidance to quickly achieve these goals through digital marketing and eCommerce websites.
Jeremy Hirsch has spent over 10 years marketing to retailers and consumers in the gift and home industry. Read more about Jeremy.

Here is the playbook:

E-Commerce – we can help you develop an affordable website (for both wholesale and consumers) that will bring in new customers and generate incremental sales.

E-Marketing – Digital marketing like email campaigns are a highly effective way to support your reps and grow sales. Aptus Digital can ramp up your returns on email marketing.

SEO– Google AdWords are a proven way to generate leads and conversions on your website.

Social media– engage in conversation with your customers with social media sites that are meaningful with your brand- such as Facebook, Pinterest or Linked In.

Video – tell your company or product story with videos. Check out this fun video that our team made.


Gift & Home clients include:


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