Pound-for-Pound Pinterest Is Champion

Many of us are attracted to Pinterest because of its visual nature.

But all of us should LOVE Pinterest because of its impressive ability to generate sales on our commerce websites.

Some eye-opening facts: why should you care about Pinterest.

A. Pinterest is referring more and more people to websites. And these users are buying. 

According to recent data from RichRelevance: Pinterest (with about 40 million active users) accounted for 25%  of total referral sales from social media sites during the Easter 2013 sales period.
Pinterest ranks only 2nd to Facebook (which had 69% of pre-Easter referral business); Twitter makes up the balance. Remember that Mark Zuckerberg’s site has a staggering 1 billion active users.  That’s 25 times bigger than Pinterest.
So, pound for pound, Pinterest is a heavyweight in referring users to site.

And here is big news for the Home/Gift Industry: Pinterest is champion among social media sites in this industry where 60% of website social media referrals come from Pinterest. 

This means the first social media site a home or gift company should focus on is Pinterest- not Facebook!

B. Pinterest generates larger orders than Facebook

RichRelevance also reports that shoppers who were referred through Pinterest spent approximately $194 per online sales order, while Facebook shoppers spent about $84 per order and Twitter shoppers rung up $35 orders.

Second, given these trends, what steps should a a home or gift vendor be taking to be sure it is getting its share of Pinterest referrals?

1. Start by setting up a Pinterest page for your business.

Check out this great page from Knock Knock, a gift vendor. Their page is fun, engaging and addictive.

Sara Hartman, E-Commerce Manager for the gift company, says “the key for us has been to remain true to the original spirit  of the network whose users tend to be creative and enjoy captivating imagery.”

Strong Pinterest page from Knock Knock.

Not sure how to set up your Pinterest Page? It is simple to get going; click here for details.

2. Add the “pin it” button to the product pages on your website so your products can be easily pinned (leading to views and referrals)


Read how to add to your site.

3. Encourage your customers and others to “pin” your products

Lots of good techniques have been developed to ensure your pins are actively been shared.
Here is an article on how to generate lots of activity for your products and pins.
4. Create your own original content about products, trends, colors, etc.

In other words, don’t make your whole Pinterest strategy about pinning your products. Instead, supplement your product pins with content you create that appeals to your community.

Sara Hartman from Knock Knock adds that they post content both from their own products but also based on what their community’s sensibility admires.

The more original and content is, the more your items will be pinned and shared – leading to more traffic on your site.

Pinterest is a great, free platform for you to drive referrals and sales for your products. Be sure you are taking advantage of the opportunity since it can generate strong sales for you.


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