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Jeremy Hirsch is the Founder and President of Aptus Digital.

Jeremy Hirsch

Jeremy Hirsch

He is a senior marketing executive with a proven track record of success in helping organizations connect with their customers, expand their relationships and build loyalty. Jeremy has deep experience in lead generation, digital marketing,  brand building, sales management, business applications to support sales/marketing, and customer service.

Jeremy has over 20 years of diverse business experience –ranging from startups to multi-billion dollar firms – in such industries as B2B and consumer software, retailing, wholesale trade, and services. His positions include:

  • Managing Director, Buyer Experience for GENCO, a FedEx Company
  • VP of Marketing & Customer Support for VC-backed eMarketing software company
  • VP of Marketing at largest sales & marketing agency in gift and home industry
  • Acting VP of Product Management for eCatalog software firm

Jeremy earned an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA Cum Laude from Duke University.

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Deep Experience in Digital Marketing

He is a seasoned leader of sophisticated marketing departments – most recently managing a team of 17 marketing professionals.  He has developed a large number of  websites including commerce sites.

Disciplined Approach to Sales Management

Jeremy works frequently with private companies in defining sales processes, compensation programs, recruiting and sales penetration strategies.

He believes that marketing and sales must have a tight, integrated relationship with both groups focused on attaining the joint sales goals. Jeremy also has experience in managing inside sales teams.

Strength in Business Applications

In addition to his depth in marketing, Jeremy has led the implementations and the operation of many business software systems (Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation and Marketing Automation) to support businesses connecting with prospects and customers.

He also managed the Information Technology department for a 300 person enterprise.

Many departments excel on the creative side of marketing, but struggle with how to set up the right systems to engage, track and convert customers. Jeremy has many years of success in setting up such systems.

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About Us

Aptus is the Latin word for "connected."

Connecting with your customers has never been more important or more challenging.

You don't want to be the company that ignores what its customers are saying. You need their input and loyalty more than ever.

Good news! You have many new tools with which to engage them including social media, email, video, websites and mobile. But you need to know how to best integrate this rich information with your business systems.

Only Aptus Digital has the expertise in both digital marketing and business systems to make it easy.