E-Commerce transactions are booming. Forrester Research projects that Business-to-Consumer (B2C) online sales will hit 9% of  total retail sales by 2016 (that’s $327 billion). And Business-to-Business (B2B) sales are even more developed; B2B online transactions will hit a remarkable 50% of total wholesale sales shortly.

What are you doing to drive your online business? Are you positioning your business to sell in this new era?

Let’s consider one industry and how a company became a leader in wholesale sales.

For many years owners of local gift and home stores (think Hallmark) could not find a wholesale website where they could browse and purchase a large selection of top product lines.

Vendor eCommerce site (2013)

Vendor eCommerce site (2013)

The reasons are common: friction in the sales channel, caution by vendors, and slow adoption by retailers.

OneCoast, the largest sales and marketing firm in the industry, launched an e-commerce platform in 2006 which overcame these issues and quickly became the largest multi-line wholesale commerce website in the industry.

Jeremy Hirsch, former VP of Marketing at OneCoast, defined and launched the initiative including recruiting vendors, marketing the site to retailers, and managing the technical and customer service teams which operated the site.

The site quickly became and continues to be the largest multi-line commerce site in the industry.

Mr. Hirsch and the SnapRetail team also launched in 2010 the successful SnapRetail.com MarketPlace which also serves the independent retailer.

Today Aptus Digital helps businesses quickly and affordably create commerce websites. HistoryandHeraldry.com went live in the summer of 2013.

Aptus Digital can help your business put together a strong plan for your E-Commerce strategy.

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