E-Com­merce trans­ac­tions are boom­ing.  Busi­ness-to-Con­sumer (B2C) online sales in the Unit­ed States hit 13% of total retail sales in 2017 (that’s $453 bil­lion)  2017 was the fastest growth since 2011. And Busi­ness-to-Busi­ness (B2B) sales are even more devel­oped.

What are you doing to dri­ve your online busi­ness? Are you posi­tion­ing your busi­ness to sell in this new era?

Let’s con­sid­er one indus­try and how a com­pa­ny became a leader in whole­sale sales.

For many years own­ers of local gift and home stores (think Hall­mark) could not find a whole­sale web­site where they could browse and pur­chase a large selec­tion of top prod­uct lines.

Vendor eCommerce site (2013)

Ven­dor eCom­merce site (2013)

The rea­sons are com­mon: fric­tion in the sales chan­nel, cau­tion by ven­dors, and slow adop­tion by retail­ers.

OneCoast, the largest sales and mar­ket­ing firm in the indus­try, launched an e-com­merce plat­form in 2006 which over­came these issues and quick­ly became the largest mul­ti-line whole­sale com­merce web­site in the indus­try.

Jere­my Hirsch, for­mer VP of Mar­ket­ing at OneCoast, defined and launched the ini­tia­tive includ­ing recruit­ing ven­dors, mar­ket­ing the site to retail­ers, and man­ag­ing the tech­ni­cal and cus­tomer ser­vice teams which oper­at­ed the site.

The site quick­ly became and con­tin­ues to be the largest mul­ti-line com­merce site in the indus­try.

Mr. Hirsch and the SnapRe­tail team also launched in 2010 the suc­cess­ful SnapRetail.com Mar­ket­Place which also serves the inde­pen­dent retail­er.

Today Aptus Dig­i­tal helps busi­ness­es quick­ly and afford­ably cre­ate com­merce web­sites.

Aptus Dig­i­tal can help your busi­ness put togeth­er a strong plan for your E-Com­merce strat­e­gy.

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