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If you love high ROI, start with Email marketing

There are a number of productive items in digital marketing toolbox to connect with your prospects and customers such as social media, search marketing, affiliate programs, mobile, video. These tools provide strong returns and deserve your consideration to be part of your marketing mix.

Example of SnapRetail email

But a typically overlooked digital marketing program that delivers the most cost effective results continues to be email marketing. This is particularly true when companies use their own “house lists.”

Let me give you an example. While I was VP of Marketing for 8 years OneCoast (the largest B2B sales and marketing company in the gift/home industry), we created a very successful, highly productive email marketing program that:

  • Emailed highly personalized content to recipients through the use of CRM target-marketing
  • Sent emails “from” hundreds of reps to their specific customers (recipients more often open and click on emails when they know the sender on the “from” line)
  • Delivered very strong metrics  which include opens, clicks and conversions that were well-above industry averages
  • Was very cost effective. Costs per lead and per sale were very low and lower than any other marketing program.

In fact, the wholesale email marketing program was so successful at OneCoast that a software-only company named SnapRetail was spun off  to provide ‘best-in-class’ marketing (particularly email marketing) to retailers. Jeremy Hirsch was employee #2 at SnapRetail.

In sum, email marketing should be at the top of your list as a way to effectively communicate with your customers and prospects.

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